Mapping: An artistic Science?

Did you ever think that science and art could be synonymous? I sure didn’t. I’ve always despised the subjects of math and science. My passions are history, music, and art. Little did I know that archaeology is not limited to only history. It’s a science---science of the most meticulous yet artistic quality I’ve experienced in … Continue reading Mapping: An artistic Science?


Our Publications

Verslype L., Young B.K., Woods W.I. et Hudson P.F., Walhain/Walhain-Saint-Paul : le château et sa basse-cour, dans Chronique de l’archéologie wallonne, 17, Namur, 2010, p. 39-40. 2010 Verslype L., Young B.K. & Best D., « Walhain/Walhain-Saint-Paul : le château et sa haute-cour. Campagne 2005-2006 », dans Chronique de l’archéologie wallonne, 15, Namur, 2008, p. 26-27. Verslype L., … Continue reading Our Publications