Announcing the 2015 Field Season!

 Walhain-St-Paul Project 2015  We are now recruiting students for the 2015 season of Eastern Illinois University's Summer Archaeology in Belgium Program (begun in 1998). The dates are June 27- July 25, 2015. The program is headed by Dr. Bailey Young, Distinguished Professor of History at EIU, and centers on the excavation of Walhain Castle, near our partner university, … Continue reading Announcing the 2015 Field Season!


Viva la Vida? No, Villers la Ville!

I am a solar powered individual, so naturally rainy days are the bane of my existence.  On the morning of July 22nd, I peeled back my curtains to reveal my worst enemy: grey clouds.  The day would not be ruined by them, though!  I slapped a smile on and made some seriously strong coffee.  When … Continue reading Viva la Vida? No, Villers la Ville!