Project update and notes from the lab!

Documenting those artifacts excavated over fifteen years takes many hands and much time. The field notes recorded locations of objects found. Lab time ensured that objects got cleaned and recorded. This year Amanda Hursch, graduate student in Historical Administration at Eastern Illinois University, is photographing all artifact assemblages in preparation for more work! A group … Continue reading Project update and notes from the lab!

Our Publications

Verslype L., Young B.K., Woods W.I. et Hudson P.F., Walhain/Walhain-Saint-Paul : le château et sa basse-cour, dans Chronique de l’archéologie wallonne, 17, Namur, 2010, p. 39-40. 2010 Verslype L., Young B.K. & Best D., « Walhain/Walhain-Saint-Paul : le château et sa haute-cour. Campagne 2005-2006 », dans Chronique de l’archéologie wallonne, 15, Namur, 2008, p. 26-27. Verslype L., … Continue reading Our Publications


Welcome to the Walhain-Saint-Paul Project. We are an archaeological field project located in Walhain-Saint-Paul in the heart of Belgium. In operation since 1997, we are open to students of all disciplines across the United States. We are currently accepting applications for our 2011 field season. Please e-mail Dr. Bailey Young at: