Welcome to the Walhain-Saint-Paul Project. We are an archaeological field project located in Walhain-Saint-Paul in the heart of Belgium. In operation since 1997, we offer a unique opportunity for students across the United States to take part in a multi-disciplinary medieval archaeology excavation at the twelfth-century Castle Walhain. Run in partnership by Universitie catholique de Louvain and Eastern Illinois University, the Walhain-Saint-Paul Project teaches students basic techniques of archaeological excavation as well as immersing them in the rich culture and history of Belgium through guided weekend fieldtrips and daily experience in the host city of Louvain-la-Neuve. As the project progresses, students will participate in other phases, including investigating Walhain’s agricultural context, exploring the utility of digital tools – like GIS and 3D modeling – for archaeology, and conceptualizing and actualizing a visitors’ center. Thanks for your interest; we hope to see you at the castle!

For more information about joining the crew, please e-mail Dr. Bailey Young at: bkyoung@eiu.edu


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