Plans for 2017

Although we’d originally planned to be in the field this summer, we recently found out that our Belgian partner, the Centre de Recherches Archeologiques Nationales (CRAN), will be relocating their operations to a more central location in Louvain-la-Neuve. The CRAN will be plenty busy with the move this summer and unable to host and co-sponsor an excavation. We’re always disappointed to miss a summer in Belgium, but we’re excited for our colleagues there and looking forward to checking out their new digs in 2018.

Along those lines, we are planning to field a crew next summer (2018). It’s never too early to spread the word about our program, and our alumni are some of our best ambassadors, so please, share your stories and help us make this unique learning and growing experience available to another class of students!

As we mentioned on facebook, the WSP research team will be presenting a panel tentatively titled “Walhain: Modernizing a Medieval Lordship in Brabant, 1530s-1820s” at the European Rural History Organization conference in September. We’re finalizing the abstracts over the next couple of weeks, and we’ll post those here when they’re done.

This website has been dormant for a couple of years now, but we’re going to try to give it a bit more attention going forward.


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