Summer Archaeology Program at Walhain Videos

A few years old now, but still interesting. The first one is from 2010 featuring Prof. Bailey Young talking about the program, its history, and the satisfaction a teacher gets when he sees students really take to what they are learning and make it part of who they are going forward. Check it out:

And if you’d like to hear more from program alums, you can watch the sequel from 2011!

And finally, here’s an interesting interview with the Belgian TV crew who came to film Prof. Young for part of the Belgian documentary program Ma Terre. There’s good stuff in here as they discuss their work, the WSP program from the Belgian perspective, and their impressions of the European stereotypes of Americans vs. their experiences of Americans.

Maybe we’ll work in some video this summer to get folks up to date on some of the new directions the program is taking as well as report on the progress of the ongoing excavations….



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