Home again, home again

Just a quick update of what we’ve been up to during our first week back on American soil:

Sleeping. And not sleeping. But mostly trying to sleep at normal times. Apparently jet lag is worse losing time (going to Belgium) than it is gaining time. In any case, hopefully everyone is feeling more alert by now than they were a couple of days ago!

The staff based in central Illinois met yesterday at Dr. Young’s place in Charleston to discuss grants and deadlines. Dr. Young and Dr. Reid already received a Presidential Grant from EIU, and we are hoping to build off of that success in applications to funding agencies including National Geographic and the National Endowment for the Humanities. We are pursuing funding for multiple phases of the project: the study of the agricultural context of Walhain and the region, developing a digital archaeology component to the field school beginning next year, and exploring the various ways that digital technology can help us best analyze, present, and publish. Bky open house pics-page-2We’re also very excited to continue to build on our successful partnership with UCL and to encourage greater involvement from the Walhain community. The mayor of Walhain, a bit supporter of the project, even invited the crew to join her for a reception at the town hall during the last week of the excavation.

Along those partnership lines, UCL recently reported on the project on their website. And we’ve got some more wonderful pictures from the Open House held at the site on Belgian Independence Day. Please note everyone basking in the glow an artificial sun – or my desk lamp. The whole digitizing by taking a photo of a photo thing doesn’t always work perfectly, but you get the idea.Bky open house pics-page-1

Bky open house pics-page-3

The 2014 crew! Nate, Ross, Deb, Luke, Ashley, Becca, Jenna, Bradley, Devon, Marisa, Bonnie, Merriam, and George. Caitlin isn’t pictured, either because she had dug down so far in her section that she isn’t visible, or she was dealing with a sprained ankle.




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