Project update and notes from the lab!

Documenting those artifacts excavated over fifteen years takes many hands and much time. The field notes recorded locations of objects found. Lab time ensured that objects got cleaned and recorded. This year Amanda Hursch, graduate student in Historical Administration at Eastern Illinois University, is photographing all artifact assemblages in preparation for more work! A group of techies have started plans for a digital finding aid that will link objects to places on an interactive 3-dimensional site map. This will be the first effort to put what we know to-date about the Walhain-Saint-Paul project together, and provide the means to plot future finds. The amazing mapping and computer facilities provided by the CRAN have laid the ground work to accomplish this. Stay tuned for more previews of artifacts excavated at the Walhain site, and the latest on the ongoing work to make the site interpretive digitally, and more useful for new long-term research projects on agriculture in Medieval Belgium.

~ Debra Reid

AmandaRoanokeLowRes11July2014     Tile-fragments


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