The Castle: 101

Welcome to the first "Artifact of the Week".  We thought we'd kick it off with the biggest artifact of them all...the castle! The Early Years The construction of the castle began in the late 12th century (c1188) with the main donjon or keep (a strong stone tower; main tower; stronghold).  The donjon is constructed of … Continue reading The Castle: 101


Our Publications

Verslype L., Young B.K., Woods W.I. et Hudson P.F., Walhain/Walhain-Saint-Paul : le château et sa basse-cour, dans Chronique de l’archéologie wallonne, 17, Namur, 2010, p. 39-40. 2010 Verslype L., Young B.K. & Best D., « Walhain/Walhain-Saint-Paul : le château et sa haute-cour. Campagne 2005-2006 », dans Chronique de l’archéologie wallonne, 15, Namur, 2008, p. 26-27. Verslype L., … Continue reading Our Publications